A Matter of Fat

02nd October 2017

A matter of fat 

Forget traditional advice about the way

to lose fat – here’s the real truth


Stop counting calories

Start counting carbs – and eating more fat

Why? In a two – year study people who ate a diet high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates lost 5.7kg over two years, while those on a low – fat, low – calorie diet lost just 2.9kg, according to results published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Limit your daily carb intake to 120g from mainly vegetable sources and stick to ‘good’ fats, such as those found in avocados, oily fish, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and good-quality red meat.


Stop skipping breakfast

Start having some morning protein

Why? A high – protein breakfast of lean meat or eggs will keep you feeling fully for longer, so you consume 200 fewer calories over the day than those who eat a carb-based breakfast, according to the University of Missouri. Whatever you do, don’t skip the first meal of the day: those who do eat 40% more confectionary, 55% more fizzy drinks and 45% fewer vegetables than those who don’t.

Stop eating three balanced meals

Start eating all day long

Why? Stick to the principle of little and often. A study by Imperial College, London, split more than 2,000 people from China, Japan, the UK and the US into two groups.

Both ate the same foods and had the same total calorie intake, but half ate them in fewer than six meals a day while the other half could eat theirs in more than six sittings. The higher-frequency eaters not only had lower blood pressure, but also lost weight.

A typical avocado contains around 30g of healthy unsaturated fat.

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