Benefits of Outdoor Training

29th August 2017

September! A new month, new mind-set, new focus! If you are feeling quite lazy after the summer holidays why not take your workout outside! Even as the weather gets chillier there are some great benefits to training outside.


When you are training outside, the natural environment itself is one of the benefits for your body. Fresh air, sunlight and weather changes have different results on your body. Searches have shown that running or training among trees or in a forest can give a psychological boost and aids mental stimulation, while improving your performance through the cleaner oxygen. Sunlight helps to support the body with vitamin D releasing endorphins, which is the hormone that lifts your mood. Weather changes and particularly cold days help the body to burn 30% more calories.


You feel bored counting reps and sets of the same exercise! Training outdoors, you have a variety of any other activities such as football, swimming, cycling and climbing which is taking you out of the daily routine, increasing you active level. But even if you keep some of your favourite exercises, the natural surroundings will help to inspire your body to work harder, more effective and burn more calories and fat! The next time you perform all the body weight exercises such as push-up, lunges, jump squat, plank, crunches. When you visit your lockal park, checkif there are any exercise facilities available. Many parks now have dedicated fitness areas.


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