Body Weight Circuit Training for Fat Loss

27th March 2017

If you cannot reach the gym or it’s a busy day find some space in the studio or at home and complete a bodyweight training session. The following Circuit will help you fire up your metabolism and shed body fat. If it’s lunchtime concentrate on 4-5 exercises incorporating Legs, Hips, Chest, Shoulders for 30 minutes. If you have an hour or more try to attain 8-10 exercises for a total body workout. As always warm up, stretch, exercise, then warm down and stretch again.

Try to reach 3 Circuits and aim for 12-16 reps of each exercise, depending on your fitness level there are also some alternatives to help you progress by increasing resistance and one or two further exercises for variation.


1) Prisoner Squat

2) Prisoner Reverse Lunge  


Progress With                                               

1) Prisoner Cycle Lunge

2) Prisoner Squat Jump

3) Walking Lunge

4) Lateral Lunge



Progress With

3) Overhead Walking Lunge

4) Overhead Reverse Lunge

5) One Legged Hip Thrust

6) Swiss Ball Leg Curl

7) Swiss Ball Hip Lift

8) Push Up (Incline)

9) One Arm Push Up


Progress With

8) Spiderman Press Up

9) Break Dancer Push Up


10) TRX (Suspension) Row



10) TRX (suspension) Y Pulls

11) TRX (Suspension) Tricep Skull Crusher

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