Bodyweight Exercises

24th July 2017

Have you ever noticed the physiques of top-class gymnasts? They look amazing! Well defined muscles, very strong and also extremely flexible. Gymnasts, as a rule, seldom lift weights but they do a large amount of bodyweight training which is often referred to as calisthenics.

Although bodyweight training fell out of vogue in recent years because of the popularity of weight training machines, it’s making a comeback as more and more people rediscover the benefits of working out without the use of fancy gym equipment.

A routine of push ups, squats, chin ups and lunges using nothing more than your bodyweight can build an impressive figure or physique for anyone dedicated enough to persevere. Even though these exercises don’t use any adjustable weight training equipment they can be made as hard (or as easy) as is required and adapted to suit almost any individual fitness level.

The military has long been a supporter of callisthenic exercises. Because they don’t require access to expensive or cumbersome gym equipment soldiers can stay in shape wherever they are. Martial artists and boxers have used bodyweight exercises for years to get into great shape for their sport. If you are creative with your programme design and dedicated in your approach to training, you can develop a great figure or physique without the use of weights. A well-equipped gym will make your exercise selection easier BUT focusing on bodyweight training means no more gym fees, no waiting in line for the machine you want to use and being able to train at home or anywhere else, whenever you want. To quote a famous equipment manufacturer…your body is your gym!

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