Bodyweight Training

16th January 2019

‘You need weights to train’


Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean hitting the dumbbell rack.


The Myth


Want proof that you don’t need to touch a barbell to get in awe-inspiring shape? Look at Olympic gymnasts. Some never touch a weight but they’re all in impressive physical condition – and brutally strong. The key with body weight moves is to keep making them tougher and even that doesn’t take much kit.


It’s a common misconception that the only way to get fit is in the gym full of machines. In reality, one can get fit anywhere – from Hyde Park to the local car park. The best way to achieve optimum results is short and intense workouts using your body plus simple tools such as jump rope. Sprint, jump over things, skip and do burpees and lunges and pull-ups on tree branches. Make sure you always challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty each week – say, by aiming for more reps, shorter rest periods or tougher exercise variations.


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