Common Workout Mistakes

30th May 2017

Common workout mistakes


Doing endless bicep curls and ignoring the larger muscle groups, doing the same training programme and expecting results, using the same cardio machines or weights every day, doing crunches in an attempt to lose stomach fat, doing isolated exercises instead of compound exercises.

People using improper or dangerous technique, wasting time, not working hard enough and people hindering their own progress by not varying their programme.


Frustrating mistakes 

The infinite crunches. If you want to lose belly fat you have to sort out your nutrition. Doing hundreds of sit-ups is not only counter-productive for form and overall posture, it’s also a waste of time if you want that six-pack.

Your muscles work together in most cases and not in isolation. Whether your goal is to get leaner, stronger or faster, compound exercises are the answer. Drop the tricep kickbacks and start deadlifting.

Improper technique is the most frustrating mistake. Most men use poor technique because they’re lifting heavy weights that are too heavy. Apart from risking injury, it slows down any potential progress they could be making. 


What should you be doing instead? 

Focus less on abdominal isolation exercises such as sit-ups and more on training the deep core muscles. Exercises such as the plank and side plank recruit more muscle groups and are great for stabilising your spine, which helps with deadlifts and squats.

Begin your workout with exercises such as squats, deadlifts, chins, bench exercises and dips, and add some isolation at the end if there’s time. Don’t start with isolation moves unless it’s for rehab reasons or you’re instructed to do so by a specialist.

Use mirrors whenever possible. They’re not for checking your hair – use them to check your form.

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