Do You Really Need to Train Abs?

09th July 2018

The truth is we all have abs, Shocker I know. Some of us have them under a layer of fat. 

The people who have them under the layer of fat have to work harder than those that don’t. But does training the abs mean that you also lose the layer of fat? 

NO!  This starts entering a different part of fitness, cardio, diet, circuit based programs, In order to torch the fat that stops your abs from being visible. First step to seeing visible abs is to make sure you calorie expenditure is greater than your calorie intake. Once you have this under control you are then able to start thinking about the fastest way to burn fat for yourself as an individual, everyone burns fat at a different rate. 

The next step to seeing visible abs is by training your core, specifically spending time training your core. Spend about 30-60 minutes on your core alone. This process can be done after your cardio sessions when your body has exhausted all its other fuels and is now focusing on getting energy from its fat resources. 

There are those out there that have never needed to spend as much time and devotion on training there abs as its already there. This is down to genetics. The down side to that is they will not know what to do when they start to notice fat gain around the abdominals. 

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