Eat for Fat Loss

01st October 2018

Eat for fat loss


Cut out grains

Grains such as wheat & oats are some of the most common food allergens, which can hinder your attempts to lose weight. Eating allergens causes your body to produce cortisol, which encourages you to store energy as fat.


No carbs before training

Consuming carbs before is detrimental to fat loss because your body will use the carbs rather than your fat stores as the primary energy source for the session.


Eat more veg

Here’s a challenge: try to get fat by eating vegetables. You can’t do it. That means it’s impossible to eat too many greens – and the more you eat, the more nutrients you’ll get, which will assist your fat-loss efforts and help virtually every metabolic function in your body.


Don’t drink calories

You might think you get fat by eating the wrong foods but you can also expand your waistline by making poor drink choices. People who ditched liquid calories lost up to 5% of their bodyweight. The lesson? Stick to water.


Don’t count calories

Counting calories is a blunt and ineffective nutritional tool because it’s the nutrient content rather than the calorie count of your meal that matters. Think of it this way. Who do you think has the better physique: a guy who gets 2,500 calories a day from good quality meat, veg, fruit, nuts & seeds or one who gets his calories from ice cream and crisps.


Don’t diet

It’s easier to change your diet than start one from scratch. Do small things such as removing sugar from tea or using simple food swaps and you’ll find the adjustments manageable.

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