Five Exercises Which Work Like Cardio

05th February 2018

Five Exercises Which Work Like Cardio

If you have had enough of spending time on the treadmill, there are few exercises below that you can add in your cardio routine and you don’t have to be in the gym to perform them!

Jump In - Out

From high plank position with the hands to the floor under your shoulders and feet hips width apart, jump in, bending your legs close to your chest, stay for a second and kick back to the starting position. Make sure your shoulders are stable, your back is nice and straight, head follows your spine looking to the floor and your core is always braced.


Jump Squats

From standing up position with your feet shoulders width apart, push back and down into a squat make sure knees and toes are aligned, squeeze your glutes and explode up as high as you can as you extend your body.


Mountain Climbers

From high plank position, keep your body straight, head to toes, brace your core, shoulder stable above your hands, bend one leg bringing it up to underneath your chest, and extend back to starting position, alternate leg and perform as fast as you can.


Jumping Jacks

From straight up standing position, with your feet hips width apart, shoulders back and down with your arms realxed side of the body, chest lifted up and head looks forward, jump as you extend your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, and your arms over your head, jump to come back to starting position.



From standing up position, lower down into a high plank position contract your abdominal muscles and bend both knees close to your chest, explode up whilst you are extending your body as high as posible.

Perform each exercise for 15 seconds

Burn calories, lose weight and feel great with this 10-minutes cardio regimen! 

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