Five Mobility Exercises to do Everyday!

24th July 2017

Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily, while stretching is a key way to help achieve this. We are born into this world with full mobility.

1. Hip Flexion and External Rotation

Stand front of a flat surface no taller than the top of your knee (couch,bed,table). Place your left foot on and externally rotate your knee all the way down to the surface. Gently lean forward, hold for 1-2 minutes and switch legs.

2. Couch Strech

Drop to your knees setting your right feet against a wall. Move your left leg forward in a lunge position, keep your spine neutral and your chest lifted up. You should feel the strach in your hip flexors, quadriceps, and glutes. Keep for 1-2minutes and then switch legs

3. Leg Swings

Stand up next to a wall or something supportive. Start swing the outside leg forward and backward gradually, increasing the range of motion. Continue for 1-2 minutes and the switch legs

4. Hip Mobilization

Sitting on a bed or table with your feet hanging  in front of you. Lie back and allow your legs to dangle. Bring one knee to your chest and squeeze it towards your body. 

5. Thoracic Mobilization

Lie down on your back with your feet on the ground and your knees up. Place a foam roller or two lacrosse balls under your back, at the same level as your chest. Gently roll up and down. 

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