Gym Partner - Do you Really Need One?

01st October 2018

There are those among us that enjoy training alone, music on ,world off - right? For these individuals, workouts are already planned out -they’ve covered every single step.  Until it gets to the point when they aren’t able to train harder due to the fact that they don’t have a spot! Somebody to help take off a few kg’s during that heavy shoulder press. That’s when they get stuck. 


Then there are the groups of men or women who go to the gym in two’s and three’s and spend most of the time speaking about what they have done over the weekend after curling a few dumbbells.

There’s the group that enjoy physical activity because of the social benefit. The issue with this is that these individuals will be the first to complain about not seeing results in the gym. They are only able to train when friends are also training. Slow progress, interrupting other members in the gym with noise etc. 

The individuals, who aren’t able to find training partners, often find that they will need one later down the line. However once they have found a training partner, it’s a gym enthusiast that’s very similar to them, same goals, same attitude towards training. 

All in all, yes having a gym partner is crucial when it comes to progressing and moving forward in the gym. Picking the gym partner is the hard part, someone that allows you to stay focused and motivated to train is key. Stick to small numbers, one is more than enough and if you still have trouble. Slow progress is better than no progress. 

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