Health Supplements Part 1

25th April 2017

Health Supplements Part 1                                                                                                               

Supplementation in fitness is a growing trend. People are looking to take anything necessary to help their goals and create any shortcut possible to achieve the desired physique and results. With this supplement companies are releasing a host of brands, products, gimmicks and promises with extensive marketing to go with it. The health supplement industry was estimated to be worth £66 million in 2015 and is ever growing. Across the Atlantic, the market is worth $37 billion and is also increasing every year. In the United Kingdom it is estimated 1 in 4 people have used some form of supplement in the last three months while in U.S.A two thirds of the population use supplements. Such supplements include whey, BCAA’s, Casein, Creatine, Pre workouts, weight gainers, fat burners and many more.

This article will focus on the three most vital supplements that can benefit us during the day.                 

Whey Protein is ideally used straight after a workout due to its fast absorption. Protein consumption immediately after exercise should be between 20-30g however the optimal number will vary with each individually. The current ruler of this are Optimum Nutrition who are responsible for the Gold Standard 100% Whey, which is the biggest seller worldwide.

Will be continued next month…

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