Health Supplements Part 2

30th May 2017

Casein is known as the night time protein due to its slow absorption and is important in helping muscle synthesis while we sleep. This means after an intense session we can still provide protein to our muscles and avoid muscle breakdown. This also helps with recovery and popular brands include Optimum Nutrition and Muscletech.  An alternative to casein in food terms would be cottage cheese.

Creatine is naturally occurring in the body and is used as an energy source. It is primarily used for high intensity training and explosive activities. This includes but is not limited to Football, sprinting and weight training. It usually comes unflavoured and is one of the cheaper supplements around with most creatine supplements recommending 5g a serving. Creatine draws water into the muscles giving you a fuller look within weeks of supplementing and is widely used by bodybuilders and strength athletes. Creatine isn’t for everyone and there have been many studies surrounding it as a supplement. The best thing would be for each individual to conduct one’s own research and decide if creatine is worth adding to their daily supplementation.

Sports supplements shouldn't be neglected but it is also in the best interests of the consumer to extensively research the products available on the market prior to purchasing. Most importantly, sports supplements are named so for a reason- to be taken as a part of a well-balanced diet for optimising results

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