How Long Does It take to Notice Results?

03rd August 2018

Most of us will start to see Gym results within the first 8-12 weeks. This is such a broad question so let’s narrow it down. 

Results vary for every single individual, some can see changes within 4 weeks of starting regular physical exercise. 


This depends on where you were starting it’s a lot easier to notice changes if you’re underweight and want to put on muscle weight. Eat plenty, take your protein shakes and stick to your compound movements. Again this particular individual could have great genetics and his body allows him to put on muscle easily.  This individual could see changes in as little as 4 weeks. We call this individual a Mesomorph.

On the other end we could have an individual who comes from the same background, underweight and wants to add muscle mass. This individual however, eats plenty, takes the necessary supplements sticks to the compounds and still doesn’t put on any muscle mass. The reason for this is because he has the body type of an Ectomorph. His body digests food so fast that it isn’t able to hold calories and encourage growth. This individual will need external attention such as a dietician, personal trainer etc. in order to have the right tools around him to grow. Results come slow and lack of motivation starts to take effect and that takes the process of seeing results even longer. 

An individual who simply has never been able to take part in physical exercise, Overweight struggles to complete basic movements, tired after climbing the stairs, out of breath after a short walk. They fall under the bracket of endomorph. This individual will need expertise help in finding out the best way to lose weight in a healthy and efficient way. Results can take 12 weeks or more depending on how motivated the individual is and how strict they are with meals and training programs. 

 Finding out your body type will be the first step in finding out how quickly you should be seeing results and what’sstopping you from reaching your goals. 

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