How to Improve your Fitness Level avoiding Fatigue

01st October 2018

One of the main reasons that people give up reaching their goals, is because of their poor fitness level. Usually people register in the gym and after a while, give up, feeling exhausted. Below you can find some easy ways to stay focus and closer to your goal. 


Basically you just started workout, really enthusiastic and inpatient for the results; you lift heavy weights, participate in HIIT classes, and do so much cardio to burn fat as much as possible. NO! The best way to sustain is - to start with a moderate training the first couple of weeks. A challenging cardio for 15min to rise up your cardiovascular system and to prevent any injury is the first thing you start with. Then few resistance exercises using machines or using dumbbells and some body weight exercises, to start strengthening your main muscles and mobilise your joints. Week by week, you need to increase the intensity or the resistance in your training (using heavier weights or changing the tempo of the repetitions) or even your time e.g. if you are train for marathons, but every 4thweek you have to cool down using lighter weight or decreasing the number of the weekly training - giving your body time to relax and recover.


One more factor causing fatigue from overtraining is the lack of food - that means lack of energy! The majority of people when they start to train tend to eat quite randomly. Most of us believe that diet is less food! NO! Diet is your diet habits; everything you eat is your diet. You have to look after your diet especially when you start exercising. A good and balanced diet, rich in nutrients and sufficient calories depending your goal, either you want to lose weight and body fat or to gain muscles. This will help your body to have energy for your training, to recover breakage of the muscles and triggering body fat loss. Be focused on have a variety of food, with a lean and good quality source of protein, carbohydrates, avoiding starchy carbs, and fats as olive oil, avocado, coconut oil and nuts. 


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