16th January 2019

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for the fitness industry. The main reason is that both fitness and Instagram are visual based. Weekly magazines have taken a step back as Instagram provides daily news on all fitness aspects from people to businesses. Personal trainers get to show their worth and individuals can log their progress while supported by their friends. 

If you are running out of gym workouts, you can easily use Instagram as your personal fitness database.  However it comes with a cautionary warning! Creating an Instagram account is very easy, and material is not vetted. Anyone can post ‘a workout’, but not just anyone can post ‘a workout with good form and technique’. So when picking up ideas from Instagram, keep this in mind and use your better judgement. 

Instagram is loaded with inspirational and healthy profiles to learn from, follow what inspires you and get ideas to build your own personal profile that reflects your personality, show your best and worst days (failure is progress). 

Instagram has many benefits when it comes to fitness - progress tracking, entertainment, teaching, sharing and best of all its fun! 

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