Training Really Hard and Still Gaining Weight?

05th June 2018

The struggle is real! Change up your workouts. Your body is bored of the same routine, it almost as if it knows what your about to do.

Change your routine. Go to an exercise class, train outdoors, go and do lengths at your local pool. This problem Is      alot more common than we think. You’ll be surprised at what changing the environment can do for your body and mind. 

Although some aspect of this has to do with what your consuming at home or at work. Most of the time it can be as easy as moving away from what’s not working.

Exercise classes have always been a simple answer for those who don’t favour the gym, you learn different ways to exercise, meet potential friends and training partners.

Taking up an activity such as swimming or visiting your local tennis club is a fantastic idea, it burns calories and you look forward to doing it every day.  

Sleep has lot to do with weight management, too much of it can cause lead to weight gain and too little can also cause weight gain. There’s a fine line and it’s about what works for you. 

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