09th September 2015

We won Best For Gym Design Services - UK & Award for Innovation in Gym Management and Maintenance

Total Fit provide a 5-star level gym design, gym management and pool and spa management and are one of London's most progressive gym design and management companies.  We deliver gym design and residential gym management as our core business.


We offer a friendly service which is really import to us and we also ensure that we can plough money back into our gym for our users of the gym and for our clients.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we really listen and take on board what our clients' requirements are and ensure we met their requirements but also offer them advice if we think things can be done in a better way for maximum effect in terms of service and price.  When designing a gym we look at the "motivational science" ensuring the colours and other factors help encourage users to want to use our gyms.


Our overriding philisophy has always been to provide great customer care and build a real relationship not only with our clients but also with our suppliers to ensure we always receive the best benefits to offer to our clients.  We like to think that we are personable and provide that personal touch and that we really listen to our clients' needs.  We take ownership and we are adaptable and flexible and show true enthusiasm for what we do.


Our key culture is one of trust, openness and reliability.  At Total Fit we empower our staff to make the right decisions daily, to be responsible and take ownership of the task in hand and this in turn gives them a feeling of self-worth and motivates them to try new inititaites and build the company's image by providing a quality Service.


Over the past number of years, we have focused on providing a true quality service to our clients, ensuring that we are always reachable and always wanting to go the extra mile to service our clients for the best in order to enhance their reputation with their clients too.  We have really focused on this and are starting to reap the rewards.


Furthermore, we are always aware of our competitors and what they have to offer.  We dedicate time to ensure we are always aware of the latest happenings in the world of gym design and gym and pool management.


I do believe that awards such as this one helps demonstrate to our future clients that we are constantly striving to always be better and always one to stay one step ahead of our industry.


Lisa Sprosen commented: " It felt absolutely  amazing to win the "Best for Gym Design Services - UK Award".  It is a recognition of all the hard work over the years that Total Fit have spent building a credible and quality design service to our clients.  We have always aimed to be the best in our game and I think by winning this award is the recognition of our hard work to achieve our goal".

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