Weight Management on Holiday

28th June 2017

Summer is here and most of you have started to countdown the days until your holiday. After a whole winter doing your best in the gym, you are now ready and feel proud having reached your health and fitness goals. 
So, you have chosen this years destination, with nice restaurants and bars for the best cocktails… But wait a minute… what about your diet? How can stay you fit and healthy even after holidays have finished! See below for some advice to stay in shape during this summer.
A few words about your diet
Whether you booked an all-inclusive 5* resort or just a traditional small boutique hotel there are always ways to stay on good diet.
Firstly, don't skip meals! 
For breakfast, most of the hotels provide a variety of fresh fruits and oatmeal as well as Greek yogurt, eggs and any low fat cheese which are a source of protein and energy. For snacks, visit the local shops and buy nuts, any energy bars and fruits that you can keep in your bag for the time you are on the beach. Choosing your lunch, have a fresh salad that helps you to stay hydrated whilst you are chilling on the beach and for the main, think about the local products, avoiding fried foods and pastas which are full of double cream.
Early evening ice cream? If you can’t say No, you can choose any sorbet which has less sugar or even a frozen yogurt.
Dinner has to be even lighter than your lunch, a good portion of vegetables and seafood (fish, seafood, lobster) is one of the best choices.
And now onto the subject of alcohol. I know… I know… it’s summer. Who doesn’t want a cocktail with rum, fruity or sour, next to the beach, but try to choose one with less sugar or with agave syrup. Another choice, a single shot of vodka or gin with soda water or slim-line tonic as well as a glass of spritzer (white wine on ice with soda water) is always a good option.
Training on holiday
If you really love your shape and your exercise, try to stay on it. Same as your diet above, most of the hotels have a good size gym with the basic resistance machines and few dumbbells, which are the best for a fast 20 minute circuit programme. Additionally, they might run some classes, usually in swimming pool, if you had enough of the gym. For those who spend their holidays time on the beach, 20-25 minutes jogging across to the beach would be perfect, or just swimming for 30 minutes would be sufficent. For those who are into mountains, enjoy trekking in the forest.
Think healthy and enjoy your summer!!

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