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As you’d expect from TotalFit, our five-star dedicated services for pool and spa engineers are of the highest calibre. Delivered by our top professional pool and spa experts, our comprehensive service offering is the result of hard work and creative forward thinking.

Our in house engineers are fully qualified and undergo regular continuous professional development. The team are members of the ISPE and PWTAG.

TotalFit will listen carefully to what you need and want to achieve before we make our considered and informed recommendations for any necessary improvements and changes.

Our technicians will maintain your pool, spa, sauna and steam facilities to ensure that they run efficiently, cost-effectively and hygienically. We will work unobtrusively and deliver our maintenance contracts to you with minimal disruption all year round.

Put simply, we’re proud of our service and how it has consistently worked to improve the facilities and user experience of the Lesiure Area.

TotalFit’s high-quality pool, spa and sauna and steam room maintenance services include:

  • Microbiological Testing
  • PSOP, EAP and SOP for your system 
  • Full compliance with HSG 179 and HSG 282
  • Full maintenance and cleaning of spa and pool pumps, filters and valves
  • Balance tank cleans and sand filter changes
  • Calibration and servicing of dosing and UV units 
  • Full chemical check and suite to facilitate Langelier Index analysis
  • Audit of all chemical stocks and ordering of replacements
  • Inspection of all pool surround areas and lifesaving equipment
  • Checks to ensure that all COSHH and RA are in place
  • Thorough check of all doors and seals on sauna equipment
  • Inspection of sauna heaters, fireproofing, internal benches and panelling and lighting
  • Monitoring and replacement of sauna stones as required
  • TotalFit provide pool responder training courses
  • We train your staff in water quality testing and monitoring 

To discover for yourself the full breadth of TotalFit’s expert pool and spa maintenance services and how we can improve your Leisure facilities, get in touch. Call now on 01732 882302 or email us via info@totalfit.co.uk


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